St Thomas' Children's Church has been a thriving, vibrant, part of the community for many years.  During those years many of our parishioners have played vital roles.

At present we have three groups consisting of the pre-grades, Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6. The children meet every Sunday at 9.30am and on the first Sunday of every month we join the Family Service for praise and worship. 

There are currently 6 teachers who take turns teaching. The material we use is called Salt and is distributed by Scripture Union. All groups cover the same subject at levels to suit their ages, making it convenient to pray and worship on the weekly topic when we gather before dispersing into our separate groups. 

It is found by adults who have not been to church in a long time, that the lessons learnt at Sunday School stand them in good stead. So parents bring your youngsters to the 9.30 service/Children's Church and help foster their spiritual growth. 

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 Jess Oosthuizen Speaks on the Topic of:“Children, Teenagers and Social Media”, Saturday, 23rd July, 2016.Jess Oosthuizen, who is a PhD student and Project Officer at UCT Research Office, will be giving a talk at St Thomas’s Church at 09:30 on Saturday, 23rd July on the topic of: “Children, Teenagers and Social Media”. This is the second in series of talks to be held once a term, aimed broadly at parents, and focussing on topics related to raising children and teenagers.

 We are very conscious that parents in particular, need to be better informed about this topic. There are serious challenges raising children in the digital era, in which social media is so much part of the youngsters’ lives, with all the advantages and significant hazards that come with access to the internet.

 Jess Oosthuizen spent five years working in the Insight Unit for the youth market specialist company, HDI Youth Marketeers in Johannesburg where she played a key role in running South Africa’s largest annual urban youth study, Sunday Times Generation Next which polls the opinions of over 5,500 youth (ages 8-22). Through her involvement in this study and other youth projects, Jess acquired a comprehensive understanding of youth consumer behaviour and lifestyle habits. She developed a particular interest in understanding how young people’s relationship with their cellphone is shaping their psychosocial development. In 2013, Jess was awarded the Innovation Master’s Scholarship from the National Research Foundation which enabled her to pursue her Masters in Psychology full-time at Rhodes University. Her research explores the relationship that young people have with their cellphone which is the primary device that they use to go online. At the end of 2014, Jess received a distinction for her MA research and is now doing her PhD at the University of Cape Town.